Merging Identities

Solo Exhibition
Brisbane 1996

The harsh and desolate landscape of the Australian outback had a lasting effect; these works attempt to represent the experiences of the women who ventured into that environment, accompanying men who sought their fortune there

Inspired by my photographs of the textures, colours & aspects of the central Australian landscape, the works included Artists books, Wall Quilts and mounted Collage. Techniques and materials included dyed, airbrushed and painted silk & cotton fabrics, stitched with paper, photographs and found objects.





15cm x 25cm
Artist Book
Acquired: Private Collection

Collecting and keeping, treasured memories

Handmade fibre papers, photographs, gesso, paint & graphite, fibres & found objects, bound & tied




30cm x 20cm x 8cm
Artist Book
Acquired: Private Collection

Now there only memories; and a few small photographs

Handmade fibre papers, photographs, gesso, paint & graphite; machine stitched



Sharyn Hall - Merging Identities Exhibition - Face to Face


80cm x 70cm
Wall Quilt
Exhibited: Queensland Quilt Show (awarded 1st prize) 2007, Stanthorpe Art Festival 2008
Acquired: Stanthorpe Art Gallery Textile Collection, Qld 2008

Faded faces; not forgotten

Painted & printed handmade fibre papers, gesso, dyed & painted silk organza, transferred images; hand & machine stitched

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