Dyeing Made Easy

Anyone interested in Dyeing processes can purchase Sharyn’s book DYEING MADE EASY.

A 94 page spiral bound A5 format book containing information on Fibre-Reactive, Acid & Disperse Dyes and the processes of Resist Dyeing & Shaping, Dyeing, Printing & Painting and Transfer Printing with 27 colour pages of dyed samples.

The following is an except by Sharyn, from the book, outlining its origins and purposes:

…Over the last 25 years, I have handed on to hundreds of my students, through countless classes, nationally and internationally, the knowledge and experience I have gained in my own explorations and experiments in the processes of Surface Design I use in my artworks. I have always provided extensive notes to students attending my workshops, and over the years, many of them have asked ‘have you written a book’? I had always considered my teaching notes a sufficient means of educating those interested in Surface Design processes. Now, as I begin to reduce my teaching commitments, I realize I have another opportunity to share the knowledge I have gained in my study, research and experimentation – by documenting the information in book form. So, at last I am able to answer … yes, I have written a book – a simple manual of dyeing and printing techniques to colour, pattern and shape the fabric surface.

To purchase DYEING MADE EASY contact Sharyn using the form on the right.

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