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Sharyn Hall - Yardage Exhibition - Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad

5metre length Detail Digitally manipulated photographic image of several punnets of ‘fancy’ lettuce seedlings Microfiber synthetic fabric, dye-sublimation repeat printed digitally manipulated …


Book I: Resources

70cm x 8cm x 20cm 1992 Artist Book Inner City: making notes Inner Self: the foundation – the beginning; a file containing …


Tracks Thru Time

45cm x 50cm 1996 Mounted Collage Handmade fibre paper, photograph, paint, graphite, gesso Exhibited: Merging Identities (solo exhibition), Robert Hughes Gallery, Brisbane …



25cm x 12cm 1996 Unframed Collage Handmade fibre papers, gesso, linen scrim, rayon thread, machine stitching Exhibited: Red Hot Fibre, Mt Coot-tha …


This Place

37cm x 44cm 1997 Mounted Collage Dyed and printed silk organza, cotton fabric, handmade fibre papers, paint, graphite, gesso, plant fibres, machine …


Weathered Layers

20cm x 32cm 1998 Mounted Collage Assorted papers, linen scrim, muslin, paint, graphite Acquired: Public Spaces Art, Mirvac Constructions  



40cm x 60cm 1999 Unframed Collage Handmade fibre papers, gesso, linen scrim, rayon thread, machine stitching Exhibited: Interwoven Vision, Cooloola Regional Gallery, …


Rainbow Lorrikeet

40cm x 40cm 1999 Mask Handmade moulded base covered with felt, embellished with feathers and cords Exhibited: Designed and made for a …


Drawn Together

10cm x 20cm 2005 Mounted Brooch Created from materials used during my career as a Cartographer; ruler, ruling pen, nibs, old maps

Sharyn Hall Designs - Inner City Inner Self Exhibition - Renovation

Inner City Inner Self

EXHIBIT 912 Gallery Solo Exhibition Brisbane 1992 Inner City: the glass towers, their reflected surfaces and changing forms – Inner Self: concerns of …

Sharyn Hall - Merging Identities Exhibition - Face to Face

Merging Identities

ROBERT HUGHES Gallery Solo Exhibition Brisbane 1996 The harsh and desolate landscape of the Australian outback had a lasting effect; these works …


Bridging the Gap

ART SPACE 43 Solo Exhibition Brisbane 2000 Wall Quilts, framed Embroidery & Mixed Media artworks were inspired by one photographic image – …

Sharyn Hall - Yardage Exhibition - Tossed Salad


CRAFT QUEENSLAND GALLERY Solo Exhibition Brisbane 2004 Display of five synthetic fabric lengths, each dye-sublimation repeat printed with digitally manipulated photographic images, …


Little Black Book

8cm x 5cm 1996 concertina stitched bind book Back & white contact prints, machine stitched to artist paper Exhibited: Kenmore Library, Brisbane …


Ancient Images

15cm x 30cm 1993 Loose Pages and book cover Handmade fibre papers, artist’s papers, dyed silk organza, found objects, threads, photographs, gesso, …